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Fendi Distressed Magic Bag ...

By Erin

Remember how in high school you’d take your brand-new Levis, snip some holes in the knees, run them through the was a few dozen times, and have your little brother ride over them on his bike, all just so they’d look perfectly aged and vintage? Fendi’s Distressed Magic Bag is the **handbag **equivalent. Distressed brown leather looks worn, but not shabby - think of a horse saddle that’s had the shine buffed away. Speaking of horses, the bag definitely has a Western vibe to it, thanks in part to the gold belt buckle-like hardware and front flap. And I like how the top handles stand upright to give the handbag more of a sophisticated feel; loose or long straps would have been too casual. So what if it’s not really vintage? A new Fendi is nothing to pout about.

$1,330 at Bergdorf Goodman

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