Despite Warning, Bag Ladies Still at Large

Despite doctor’s health warnings, bag lovers and consumers still love their bags big. Personally, I even feel a petite girl with a big tote looks so amazing. This trend is lasting, folks.

Here are the numbers on our poll:

Are Huge Bags In?
o In!: 57% (34)
o Out!: 20% (12)
o Not into them, more like I could FIT INTO them!: 23% (14)

Total Votes : 60

And here are some of the comments we’ve received:

I love both tiny and huge bags. I will not be giving up giant bags any time soon! I am very careful about overloading them, though. I like to be able to find what I have, so I always edit, edit, edit to the bare minimum. If I don’t carefully observe this rule I DO end up with neck and shoulder pain. Also, when I’m thinking about buying a bag I pay attention to how heavy it is empty. If it’s too heavy on its own I just won’t buy it - unless it’s to die for fabulous, of course. I love my giant bags!

I love huge hand bags. I just simply alternate from side to side to even it all out!

As for what I think? I love being able to carry everything I need. I even use a Paddington often, although not always with the padlock. I love the way it looks, too, even on a tiny girl! Viva la large bag!

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