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Endless Shoes and Handbags

By Christina

Yes, you will think they are indeed Endless. is Amazon’s relatively new (and still in beta) shoe and bag shopping site. I have been in a shopping mode lately, huh. Hmm. Hubby will not be pleased. Must be the Fashion Week effect. At any rate, I love the way you shop over there, go check it out - it is easy to filter out everything that isn’t in your size or color or style preference - this is just like the way worked yesterday. Very sweet!

I ordered 4 pairs of shoes - one for my daughter, 2 for my son and, naturally, one for me (and have three gorgeous pairs in my wish list - *sigh*). All were on sale, and they take $5.00 off of your order at the end, saying that they are paying you $5 for overnight shipping. So no shipping costs, shoes on sale, minus $5 at the end, AND they will be here Thursday. Really, if I had been less lazy, I should have placed 4 different orders and gotten $5 off of each. This is almost as good as running out after school and traveling from store to store to store trying to find shoes the kids like, that they have in their size. Nah, this is much better - I pick them out, buy them, and they have to wear them. Ha. Good thing I have great taste, huh. They will thank me later, I’m sure.

Let me know what you think about - if you didn’t notice, I think its FAB. Sorry honey.

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