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Proenza Pink in Pout-a-Porter by Lancome

By Christina

Aack. I feel an obsession coming on. This is the newest shade in the Lancome Pout-a-Porter lipstick series, and is a custom shade made by Proenza. Proenza Pink might be the perfect pink. This lipstick will get a larger run than the super hot and long gone first shade in the Pout-a-Porter series, and will be sold at a few more outlets. This is $25, and if you see it, get it. The last shade was selling on eBay for over $100, and if you aren’t an eBayer then you can just sell it to me. Ha! I am *quite* sure it won’t be found here in lil ol College Station, but I can get it on after March 1st. Neiman’s and Bergdorf’s will have it as well as the Lancome boutiques - and they all started a waiting list February 1st - so if you need this, call them up and get yourself on the list. I am thinking I need this. How about you?

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