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Other Designers Introducing the Puma Lydia Bag by Heatherette

By Ebelle5

eBelle5 the bag blog Date Added: February 10, 2007 Introducing: The Puma Lydia Bag by Heatherette "Anyone who knows me, knows my obsession with handbags. I fell in love with the PUMA bag the minute I saw it and during New York Fashion Week, having the right bag is an absolute necessity" said Lydia Hearst. "PUMA is giving me the opportunity to see behind the curtain into the design process, and it's been a fun experience to work with PUMA and my friends at Heatherette." The Puma Lydia Bag on the Heatherette Fall 2007 Runway PUMA made an appearance at New York Fashion Week on the arms of Lydia Hearst. The model and young fashion icon teamed up with the global sportlifestyle brand to launch a limited edition bag called The PUMA Lydia Bag. The bag, which was co-designed with Hearst's long time friends, Richie Rich and Traver Rains of Heatherette, is inspired by Lydia and is a luxurious, custom version of the brand's French 77 Racket Bag. The PUMA Lydia Bag by Heatherette comes in three colors: "Delicate" "Night" and "Wild" Only 100 bags will be made, with most bags given to personal friends of Hearst. A very limited number of bags will be available exclusively at The PUMA Black Stores in New York City's Meatpacking District and Tokyo beginning in May. Chat about this purse post in The Bag Forum

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