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Purses for Oscar

By Bag

In light of the nominations today, I thought I'd feature some possible red carpet worthy purses. Considering most people focus on the dress first, then the hair, jewels, shoes, makeup...nobody ever bothers with the bag (except for the year Bjork dressed as a swan, carried an egg). Most of the guests seem to carry small clutches, if anything at all. I've heard Judith Lieber is big on SWAG, so perhaps thet's the explanation for all the tiny crystal bags.
I've selected 3, which while all in black represent 3 different fashion styles.

First, the couture clad...

This Valentino clutch says "look at me!". It's not very ordinary looking, and would be the perfect accessory for someone who takes fashion risks in the name of keeping the style bar high. It's also lots of fun with the beaded feathers covering the body...just don't get caught grooming your bag when your name is called! For $2,395, though, it better not need preening! Available at Bergdorf Goodman .

Next, is a fabulous slim clutch.

From Moo Roo , it's a slim vintage inspired clutch. It's made from black on black brocade, and has a delicate crystal floral detail. The silver frame has a hidden shoulder chain. This is also for the bargain seeker, originally $735, it's now reduced to $395, and available from Moo Roo directly.

I saved my personal favorite for last.

This too is a bit more fashion, but it's very elegant. I know the ruffled look has been done before, but not with the same effect. This is made from leather, with silver accents, and a suede lining. It has a dainty silver shoulder strap, but would look so much better held in hand. It's available in a fabulous granite color, it looks like a rock, but the black is far more dressy and sleek. It's $595, and available now from Saks.

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