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Chanel Locating Sienna Miller's Chanel Cabas Handbag

By Ebelle5

eBelle5 the bag blog Date Added: January 22, 2007 Spotted: Sometime during the early hours of Friday, Sienna Miller was spotted at LAX airport leaving Los Angeles. The bag which by the way is perfect for the traveling occasion was the oversized Chanel Cabas handbag in distressed bronze washed leather. eBay Alert: Sienna Miller's Chanel Cabas Handbag Right now currently up on eBay there are around 15 + of these oversized Chanel Cabas handbags up for bid. * Black or Brown Vinyl CoCo Cabas - preowned and brand new available with a price range of $1,399 to $1,950 * Silver CoCo Cabas Sport with signature sporty trim - brand new with tags with an entry starting bid of $1,499 and a buy it now tag of $1,599 * Bronze, White, Marine Dark Blue or Blue Jean Leather CoCo Cabas - most available are new with tags and have a buy it now price of at least $2,190. Click here to be directed to the eBay page full of all the Chanel Cabas handbags Or if you are dying to get your hands on a brand new never-been-out-of-the-store Chanel Cabas Handbag then call the Chanel Reps at (800) 550-0005. They will be more than willing to locate this bag for you. If you want to see about a dozen more snapshots of Sienna Miller and her other traveling bags then click here to view more pictures after the jump!! Chat about this purse post in The Bag Forum

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