Big Handbags = Health Hazard?

TORONTO, Jan 16 (Reuters Life!) - With big handbags becoming a key fashion accessory for working women, health experts are warning they can also become a key health concern.

They’re talking about big handbags there, and they probably mean over 17″ wide or very tall ones. Specifically, if a woman’s handbag weighs more than 7 lbs, it’s not a good sign.

Baby Phat bag, Source: Reuters

But in this modern age, women can’t leave home without their 3 gadget accessories, hair products, face wash wipes, an extra set of under garments, lady-time emergency supplies and of course the required industrial-sized mase can. Some women need to fit changing tables, toy boxes and a whole smaller purse, all inside diaper bags. And yet other women need bags for a laptop, but luckily those are getting smaller and actually - lighter than a Paddington’s padlock.

I feel a bit safer knowing my Paddington only weighs a max of 6 pounds, but I don’t like this widely spreading bit of news here. I read somewhere this means huge bags are out. I think that was a joke though.

Actually, it might just mean large bags are more in than ever, which is pretty cool. We need to stand proud, because if we need larger bags it shows how badly we need bags in general!

And don’t you kind of think people are switching from hating stilettos to bags? Perhaps men want women’s accessories small so they can keep us down! Well, not I, I say! I’m going to have my bags and fill them, too!

Handbag pride!

So what about you, what size are your bags and how much do they weigh? Are you going to downsize now?

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