Vera Wang's Truly Pink


Vera Wang's Truly Pink
Vera Wang's Truly Pink

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There's no doubt what the main notes in Vera Wang's Truly Pink perfume are. Even if I hadn't seen the pink rose covered advertisement for the perfume, I would have known it was a rose and peony centered perfume. I took one sniff and was immediately taken back to when I used to work at a gardening magazine and the office would be filled with cut flowers after an editorial shoot. This scent captures the sweetness of roses along with just a hint of the slightly fussy and spicy scent of peonies. It has top notes of white freesia, cassis and lychee blossom and a drydown of creamy woods, iris and violet but really what you mainly get is the roses. In the past, I have been quite vocal about my dislike of the pink fragrances so I am surprised by how much I like this one. It's everything a pink scent should be, highly floral and feminine. Unique it's not, you could probably just spring for Bulgarian rose attar and get a similar experience but at least it doesn't have the hyper-fruity chemical tang that puts me off so many pink fragrances. The 3.4 ounce eau du parfum sells for $85.
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