Cheaters Anonymous No More! the 5 Most Scandalous Affairs in the US ...

The week has been full of speculations about Madonna, A-Rod, A-Rod’s wife and Lenny Kravitz -it has even been discussed on “**The Larry King Show**”.

Since time immemorial, the word has been fascinated with such high-profile affairs **which graze the **headlines, both of the **gossip **tabloids and the more respectable broadsheets.

Maybe the reason behind our obsession in discovering the real story behind the “Did she or didn’t she?” is that we don’t want to deal with the skeletons in our own closet.

Take a look’s list of America’s Most Scandalous Public Affairs:
**5. Jude Law & ‘The Nanny’; Sienna Miller & Daniel Craig **

First it was Jude Law who had an affair with 26-year-old nanny Daisy Wright, who was taking care of one of his 3 kids from a previous marriage. He and Sienna Miller broke up, got back together, but had to break up again because this time, it was Sienna who had an affair -not with a man-ny, but with James Bond actor Daniel Craig. That **ended **their **relationship **for good.
4. Kobe Bryant & A 19-year-old Hotel Employee

It was in 2002 that NBA star **Kobe Bryant went on trial for a sexual assault case involving a 19-year old employee, whom he later admitted to having consensual sex with. The case was dismissed, and Kobe’s wife stuck by his side -and later received a $4 million diamond ring as a “**make-up gift”.
3. Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky

This is a picture that you would really like to put out of your head but can’t. Bill Clinton, White House assistant ****Monica Lewinsky, cigars (?) and oral fixation. Got it? Next!
**2. JFK & Marilyn Monroe **

The mere idea of these two cultural icons getting it on is as high-profile an affair as you can get.
**1. Thomas Jefferson & Sally Hemings **

The debate as to whether T**homas Jefferson** was the father of one of Sally Hemings’ children is still an ongoing debate which has stuck around for 200 years. Hemings was a slave at Jefferson’s Monticello Virginian estate.

Are there any other high-profile affairs that you can recall which we might have missed on?

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