Top Celebs Who Were Accused With Charges Of Sexual Assault ...

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Top Celebs Who Were Accused With Charges Of Sexual Assault ...

Celebrities often bank on their social status to take advantage of others. At times, they are victimized by wrongful accusations. While the truth has come out in various instances, certain cases are still going to trial. Today we have collated some of the most high profile sexual assault allegations which rocked the entire Hollywood industry:

1 Harvey Weinstein

The disgraced media mogul was accused by more than 30 women of charges ranging from rape to sexual assault. Though Weinstein denied all allegations, calling them to be patently false, famous Hollywood stars like Lupita Nyong’o, Angelina Jolie, and Salma Hayek strengthened the case against him.

2 Ed Westwick

This Gossip Girl heartthrob was accused of raping Kristina Cohen although the English actor has denied all accusations made against him. While an investigation is ongoing against the actor, another accuser has come forward alleging Westwick with charges of sexual assault. Despite being accused multiple times, Ed Westwick has not been charged as the prosecutors in the case did not find enough evidence against him. His first accuser described the incident through a Facebook post and this prompted other women to come forward and share their experiences.

3 Kevin Spacey

The award-winning actor of House Of Cards was adored by fans worldwide until he apologized publicly for groping actor Anthony Rapp who was just 14 years old at that time. He came out as gay in his apology and is currently seeking treatment. Various male victims have since raised their voices against Spacey thus adding more fuel to the fire.

4 Steven Seagal

The veteran actor was accused of raping actresses Julian Margulies and Portia de Rossi in the past. The claims made by these two actresses were strengthened by Jenny McCarthy who shared her traumatic experience of auditioning for a role. Supposedly, Steven Seagal was adamant about having Jenny remove her clothes for the sake of the role and taking a close look at her naked body although her agent assured that the film did not require any nude scenes.

5 Robert Knepper

Robert Knepper made headlines for all the wrong reasons after he was accused of raping costume designer Susan Bertram at the set of a 1991 movie. Susan went vocal with the disturbing incident where Robert grabbed her crotch although all such allegations have been denied by the Prison Break alum.

6 Ben Affleck

The former Batman was caught on camera grabbing 19-year-old Hilarie Burton’s breast. Although the Justice League star claimed that he doesn’t remember the incident, he took full responsibility for the mishap unlike the other celebrities mentioned in our list, and has expressed his wish to become a part of the solution from now on.

7 Brett Ratner

Six ladies have raised their voices against this Hollywood director who faced massive criticism for his behavior. However, Ratner has vehemently denied all allegations against him and is confident that his name will be cleared once the media frenzy dies down.

8 Jeremy Piven

Actor and comedian Jeremy Piven was accused several times of sexual misconduct although he has denied all charges against him vehemently. Piven believes that he was victimized in the #MeToo movement. Coming from a poor Jewish background, Piven has been vocal about his lack of “white privilege” which made him suffer sexual assault charges.

After reading our list, you might feel that male celebs simply can’t keep their hands to themselves. However, sexual harassment in the workplace is an extremely common social evil and these sexual predators belong to both sexes. If you ever find yourself intimidated by the same, then you need to seek expert help at the earliest. 

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