Anyone Want to Pick up a Celebrity?


Anyone Want to Pick up a Celebrity?
Anyone Want to Pick up a Celebrity?

here's a fun bit for the end of the day - the latest **STAR** magazine has a whole two page spread dedicated to helping us pick up a celebrity! i laughed out loud when i saw kevin federline's mug in the article! well ladies...he is now officially single (and ready for picking unless shar jackson picks him back up!) i actually like him better now (gosh i can't believe i just admitted that!) than when he was with britney spears! gosh remember when he was pimping out that terrible 'rap' album of his - lordy that was such a mess! kfed seems to have calmed down these days but i'm curious to see what his next big move is! below are the tips for roping in jake & george - although it looks like mr. gyllenhaal is currently off the market and all wrapped up with reese witherspoon (i think girlfriend is on the rebound - he should watch out - i love my jake!) popbytes over & out for tonight - tomorrow is friday! (xxoo)

jake gyllenhaal
• be a sporty spice! ditch the clubs to catch this beau, jake is often found hiking in the hollywood hills, biking along the california coast w/ buds lance armstrong and matt mcconaughey, and playing ball.
• must love dogs! jake's devoted to his german shepherd, atticus

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