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Stars W Deadly Eating Disorders

By popbytes

good morning everyone - rise and shine for the latest cover of **national enquirer** which is featuring the latest updates on stars with 'deadly' eating disorders including a shrinking nicole richie (oh no - not again!) and kelly clarkson who seems to have the opposite trouble! those two should meet up and help balance each other out - ha!

yet what i really want to read is on the inside...there's more on the wynonna judd story which broke yesterday on the magazine's website - oh i love ms. judd! good for her being quite quick to file for a divorce - she certainly doesn't need any extra added drama (or weight) in her life - girlfriend has enough problems - wynonna doesn't need a pervert husband!

i also heard there's a story inside about chris rock's sceret 'love child' - that could be a fun read too! even though this publication seems to go a bit over the top (**regis philbin** has to comeback!) they've been actually breaking stories - like the details of what killed anna nicole smith days before the press conference and gosh they were totally right about what did ms. smith in! please make sure to pick up your copy this week! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

PS many thanks go out to my friend tabloid whore who used to post the NE covers each week and now she has passed the tabloid torch onto me - oh i hope to make her proud!

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