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Bare Escentuals Introduces Mineral Nail Polish

By Marica

Wow - one of my favorite beauty companies, Bare Escentuals (mother of bareMinerals), has come out with Mineral Nail Infusion, a nail polish that incorporates minerals for healthy nails.

About the colors:

i.d. “It’s Not Red” Nail Color – This violet nail shade is anything but red, which is why “It’s Not Red” is the plum-perfect choice. Bare Escentuals customer Heather from Pasadena, California, suggested this witty name. Married to her high-school sweetheart (“He’s still hot!” she says) and a mom to three kids, Heather grew up acting. Unsurprisingly, comedy is her forte.

i.d. “Tighty Whitey” Nail Color – During Bare Escentuals’ Friendship Customer Cruise, the applause meter went crazy at the suggestion of this bright white shade. Originally mentioned by Leslie’s son Trent at the dinner table one evening, this underwear style-inspired name won hands-down (or dare we say “pants-down”?) among the cruise gals.

i.d. “Give Peach a Chance” Nail Color – All we are saying is that this creamsicle color will soon be as famous as the song that inspired it. Proving that great minds think alike, five Bare Escentuals customers–Terry, Stacy, Leslie, Marjorie and Sandy – came up with this clever name.

i.d. “Sunny & Share” Nail Color – Truly sunny, this is the shade you’ll want to share. As zany and fun as the 70’s, this nail color pairs bright sunshine with a dash of friendship for a name that’s hard to beat. And many of you thought so, too. When Leslie Blodgett revealed the name on TV, loyal customers emailed to say “Groovy.”

I will be so interested to see how this polish performs! But, everything else Bare Escentuals has is great, so why not the nail polish? I will let you know, stay tuned!

Bare Escentuals Mineral Nail Infusion will be available this month at all Bare Escentuals boutiques and by calling 1-800-227-3990. Let me know if you try this!

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