A Tiny Apartment. a Sticky Litter Box.


A Tiny Apartment. a Sticky Litter Box.
A Tiny Apartment. a Sticky Litter Box.

As soon as I graduated college, I moved into my very own little, one-bedroom apartment. I loved my place, but it was tiny. I mean itty-bitty. And when I say itty bitty, I mean pea-sized. And when I say pea-sized … well I think you get the point. The place was small.

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Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that even with just one cat, (JoJo at the time) I really had no where to hide the litter box. I tried to hide it in the bathroom, but it took up too much space. I then placed it in the corner of my room, but I got sick at staring at it all the time. So, with no other options, I finally decided to leave it in the hallway. Yes, I know. It was an unsightly place to stick the poo-box, but I had no choice. The Refined Litter Box Tabledidn’t exist back then.

If it did, you bet I would have bought one! Not only functional, this attractive wooden box doubles as furniture. It is the perfect thing for small apartments, or for people who simply want to hide the unpleasant appearance of an ordinary litter box. Just slide the litter tray inside the table, and there you go.

Brilliant, Designer Dog Avenue. Brilliant.

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