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I've done some previous posts about cute eco-conscious bags made from recycled materials as varied as signs, to pop tops, but all of them, while cute, seemed more novel than actually fashionable. Then there are bags like the Anya Hindmarch shopper, declaring, "this is not a plastic bag" sort of like a badge for the carrier..."I am saving the environment!"

Finally, there is a more subtle, less obvious alternative for handbag lovers. One made from durable leather, in styles that are as nice as many environmentally un-friendly handbags. I mean, it's great to help Mother Earth any way you can, but to look good doing it? Bonus points!

Ashley Watson has created a line of adorable handbags and wallets crafted exclusively from recycled leather goods.
There are 6 styles, but the Brant, is my favorite.

I love the restrained tear drop shape, and the knotted handle ends. It's also a shape that lends itself to the patchwork quality of the bag.

Now, these bags make no attempt to appear as refined as a mass produced bag made from choice skins. They retain a handcrafted quality, and while the shape remains the same, each bag will be different due to the different styles of the reworked items.

The bags also retain an attainable price point, falling between $200 and $300...1/2 the price of similarly styled bags. The Brant, pictured above, is $250.

As per the website, the bags are available in only 3 stores 2 in Vancouver, 1 in New York. There is no order form on the site, but you can find the contact info for Ashley Watson to make any inquiries here.

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