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I'm flying to the US on Saturday to set up a US office of my company and to move into what will be our American home base. I'll be back in London in a few weeks, but the next couple will be busy, so I'm afraid daily updates aren't going to happen. Sorry!

Before I go, though, a word about comments and link exchanges:

1) If you think we should blog about your company, send us an email and tell us why. Do not spam our comments sections with advertisements for your website; they will be deleted on sight, and you will be banned from posting further comments. This is just basic etiquette, and it needs to be followed here.

2) We don't do link exchanges. If you like our blog, please feel free to link to it. We're flattered! We only link to those blogs that we genuinely read and like, so would never automatically link to a blog just because it linked to us. We only want to point our readers to resources we think are truly valuable to them - otherwise, why bother?

So please, do not email us asking for a link exchange. If you want to let us know that you've linked to us, great! We'd love to check out your blog. But it's rude to ask for reciprocation. You wouldn't hand someone a present and then ask, "Okay, where's mine?" or say, "I'll buy you a gift if you buy me one!", would you? We hope not.

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