A Day out in Northumberland with Me ...


A Day out in Northumberland with Me ...
A Day out in Northumberland with Me ...

Yesterday as you may know I was away for the day. Come on and I'll show you where I went and what I got up to.

The sun shone all day long - lucky me.
First things to negotiate when leaving our cottage, the quick way, are the gates and if you are alone it's no fun.

First stop was the upholsterers to pick up 2 chairs and a footstool for Ghost Furniture. I purchased the embroidered faux leather from a guy who bought up all the fabric stock from Voyage that famously snobbish company who would only admit stars and very wealthy people into their shop in London - got their comeuppance didn't they?

The Chair is a 1950s Danish design and the Footstool, believe it or not, has been made from cast iron, Victorian, ball and claw bath feet.

Remember the beautiful Victorian skirt I bought when I took you on the last trip (below)? Well look what happened to it. It made the backrest panel and skirt for this fabulous vintage linen covered chair.

From the upholsterers to my good friend Helen's fabulous Georgian Farmhouse. This was serious girl time as my other good friend Gillian was there. We all spoke at 3,000 words a minute, ate chocolate cake and drank gallons of cappuccino and tea oh and sorry but we all smoked.

Clever girls these 2 - Helen (right) owns The Stencil Library which most of you will already know and Gillian (left) owns a fabulous shop and online store called Me Me Me, you can tell what sort of person she is by looking at the guys on her site modeling some of the handbags, yes that's right - GUYS.

We 3 are all like minded women who enjoy what we do and have little or no inhibitions so the conversation really should be censored.

Helen's house is amazing. Look I even took my camera to the bathroom with me. Is that not a bathroom to die for. If you want to see loads more of this house then go to her lovely blog - Design Inspiration.

OK girls enough publicity for today I'm off to pick up my granddaughter Georgia.

I love spending time with Georgia my eldest grandchild. She is great company and sings to me in the car. You've already heard her so you know she's good. She told me yesterday that when she's older she just wants to sing, not be famous but just sing - and sing you shall my child.

First stop was ILVA that famous Danish store. We bought gorgeous storage items for her fabulous bedroom which is decorated in bright pink, black and white - that's my girl.

Last shopping stop IKEA. We bought nothing as it all looked so tatty compared to ILVA. Sorry IKEA.
Tea at TGI Friday's was Georgia's request then home.

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