9 Ways to Promote Your Web Store Online ...


9 Ways to Promote Your Web Store Online ...
9 Ways to Promote Your Web Store Online ...

For those looking to get rid of some unwanted items in your house, you should consider looking into an online store. If you want to go that route, you need to learn how to promote. You will find promoting your store is a bit harder than you think. Many people wonder why they don't get visitors and give up on their online store. Well, I will tell you 9 ways to promote your web store online…

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Article Marketing

You can easily start article marketing if you have a team of writers or a company that makes your articles based on your products. However, it cost to do article marketing, but it's well worth it. You can do it yourself it will just be mind boggling and hard to do within a short period of time. Article marketing is where you put related articles of your products in free submissions. The article will relate to the product, but not advertise or promote your product. They don't allow that. Also, you can put a link to your store on the bottom of the article. Some call them resource boxes. Very effective tool to use.


Social Marketing

Today, we have websites such as twitter or facebook, that helps us talk to thousands of people around the world. You can simply make groups for your products and send promotions over the social network. The more followers and friends the more that view your product. Always make sure you pick the right products for the following people, because they easily hide your advertisements or mark you as un-followed in twitter. If you do this right, it will be helpful for promoting. However, it doesn't show in Google, but to friends all over the world.


Email Marketing

Don't you hate spam in your email? Do you ever wonder how they get your emails? Well, with the websites you sign up for. They ask for your email. They get the email and sell it to people for email marketing. Unless they say otherwise. If you want to do email marketing, you should do the right type. This means they can sign up for newsletters or promotions for on your products. After they say yes to the newsletters, you can send them updated prices or other information on coupons. You should do this once a week. No one likes spam. An Email Marketing Automation solution will boost your company’s profits; strategies include personalized campaigns, timing and optimization for a greater reach.


Google Adwords

Although, you have to pay for Google adwords, but they put your ads on thousands of websites. This will increase your sells and promotions greatly. Promoting this way can cost up to 50.00$ or less, depending on how much you want to promote.


Advertising Companies

With the advertising companies they will charge a arm and leg, but if you're making good money already. You can increase your sells. You can sign up for advertising blogs too. They get writers to promote your products on their blog. You may have to pay per word or per article. They will review the product you sell in a few hundred words or more.



If you want to go this route, you can load wordpress on your website or go the free service way. You also can go with Google. The Google blogger comes up in Google easier and allows adsence. You will find it's simple to use and easy to promote products on. Also, you need to relate the blog to the products. This can help make your site known to google through link building.


Link Building

For those that don't know what link building is, you need to join thousands of forums or blogs to link build. You also do link building with article marketing. You can also get a company to do this for you cheap. This helps make you known to search engines through links.


Link Your Site to Search Engines

This can be fast and easy. You can simply submit your link to Google, bling, yahoo and msn. These are the main search engines to focus on. You also can submit your link to sites that do links. They will review your online store and put you in the right place.


Have a Company Promote You

This is one of the easiest ways out of promoting. You can get a company to promote your products. They will do all the following ways to promote your store and put your word around. However, this will cost you a bit of money. The company you choose can also help you get article marketing, email marketing and social marketing on their way.

With promoting your website, it takes a bit of time to learn all of the skills and ways to promote the right way. We all make mistakes at first, but learn from those mistakes. Do you think these tips will help you promote your online store?

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