9 Things Never to do at Work ...


Most of us have common sense. At least, I think we do! Common sense tells us that we can't show up to work in our pajamas, take a day off without permission, or borrow our co-workers car without her knowledge. However, there are certain things that we shouldn't really do at work that many of us do, either because we don't pay attention to what we're doing or because we don't realize how it looks. Here are 9 top things never to do at work.

1. Look Sloppy

Most of us know better than to show up in sweats, but your favorite worn out sweater with picks all over it or your scuffed up flats that lost their shine two years ago should be in the same category as sweats. A good rule to follow is to never dress better than your boss, but never worse. You can find that happy medium. Black is always safe and in order to keep it from looking too much like a funeral you can add pops of color here and there. And don't get sloppy with your attitude either. You may have been at your workplace for the past five years but that doesn't earn you the right to walk all over others! Treat them the way you would want to be treated!

Using Office Time for Personal Time
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