9 Things I Miss from the 90's ...


The year was 1999, the place was my living room and I sat on my couch surrounded by my canned goods just waiting for the decade and world to end. But the world didn't end. In fact, we all flourished and rocketed our way towards economic downfall without so much as thinking about the decade we had left behind. But now, 10 years later, I find myself longing for that decade. Instead, I'll immerse myself in everything from the 90's I miss! The following are the things that I can't help but miss from the 90's.

1. Tae Bo

Tae Bo

Photo Credit: stephj526

Tae Bo, the world's biggest mone- making video at the time. People watched it, people exercised with it, people wrote songs with witty remarks about it. All in all Billy Blanks made boat-loads of cash with his Billy's Boot camp and other assortment of videos. And I for one miss the time when people were crazy for these videos.

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