9 Hottest Nine West Handbags ...

What girl doesnโ€™t love a new handbag, especially this time of year? One of my all-time favorite handbag brands in Nine West, because their styles are always so fresh and exciting, and their Spring 2010 collection is no exception! Hereโ€™s my list of the ten hottest Nine West handbagsโ€ฆ some of them are so new, you have to pre-order them!

1. Nine West Cozumel Backpack

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Price: $159.00 at bonton.com
This bag is so versatile, and so trendy! It's studded and a neutral, natural leather, with detachable canvas backpack straps and a leather top handle. I love the handy pockets, and the tidy nylon liner. I doubt I'd use this as something so pedestrain as a backpack, though โ€” it's just too gorgeous!

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