8 Ways to Welcome Spring ...

Amber Benge

8 Ways to Welcome Spring ...

Who doesn’t love spring time? Spring time is a time of renewal; a good time to form a new outlook on the world. Make spring time the best season with some of these helpful tips... here are 8 ways to welcome spring!

1 Clean out the Cobwebs

Clean out both the literal and figurative cobwebs. Literally, spring is a great time to CLEAN HOUSE! Shake off the winter blues and clean out your seasonal winter accumulation. If you haven’t used an item in a year throw it out, sell, it or donate it. Dust everything and get your house smelling clean and looking bright. It's also a good time to clean off your computer and

2 Clean out the Cobwebs Figuratively

Renew your mind. If the first part of the year has been less than stellar, make spring a new beginning. Make your New Year’s resolutions come true. Don’t hold back, accomplish whatever you need to in order to feel good about yourself. There's no time like the present!

3 Windows

After the cobwebs are cleaned out of your house and your mind, open up the windows and let the fresh air in. Fresh air from the outdoors is not only good for your health but it is wonderful for refreshing your thoughts. The only caveat? Make sure you have your allergy meds handy.

4 Flowers

Nothing is quite as rejuvenating as planting and watching flowers and other plants grow. Spring time is the perfect time to plant seeds or young plants in the yard. The satisfaction and joy of watching your plants grow and flower cannot be duplicated.

5 Recipes

Celebrate spring by utilizing the fresh produce and fruit at the market. A luscious fresh fruit salad is hard to beat. Spring means that many food items are in the stores after winter hiatus and with the help of some good springtime recipes, a garden party may be just what the neighborhood needs.

6 Shopping

Welcome spring by treating yourself to a new spring outfit. Make that new spring start all the sweeter by dressing yourself in the latest spring colors and styles. Put away the heavy black clothes and wear something light and bright!

7 Spring Outing

After the long, dreary winter your family needs a spring outing. Plan a day trip where your family can welcome spring together. For an outing on a budget, make a picnic lunch a go to the local park or beach and spend the day welcoming spring.

8 Decorating

Get out the spring decorations and brighten up your home. If you need spring decorations take a trip to the dollar store where you will find every imaginable sort of spring decoration. Welcome the season of renewal; spring-a-tize your house!

Spring is the season of new life; it is the season when life stirs all around us after the long winter nap. What do you do to celebrate the coming of spring in your home? What traditions do you have? Please share!