8 Ways to Identify a Mama's Boy ...


It is only natural that a guy would love his mother. It is generally accepted that guys who show love and respect for their mothers treat women better than men who lack respect for their own mothers. However, there is a difference between a normal mother/son relationship and a not so healthy mother/ mama’s boy relationship. Let’s hope these 8 tips help you to identify a mama’s boy before you get too involved with him.

1. He Calls His Mother “Mommy”

Any adult male who insists on calling his mother “mommy” is quite likely a mama’s boy. He is easily identified by the euphoric look on his face at the mere mention of her. When he speaks the word “mommy” his voice will remind you of a little boy. When you see this happen, run. He is still tied to his mama’s apron strings.

Mommy Must Approve
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