8 Tips on Writing Fun, Attention-Grabbing Blogs ...

Did the picture grab your attention? Writing blogs is fun to do – hence the reason I love writing for this blog site. Each week, I can’t wait to write new blogs. I also love to come up with my own blog titles. Below, I am going to give you 8 tips on writing fun, attention-grabbing blogs…

8. Pay Attention to the Title

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Do you know what the most important part of the blog is? Sure, the body of the article is pretty important, but the title is the most important. The title is what draws people in. So, to catch people’s attention, the blogs have to have good titles.

7. Know Your Crowd

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Who will be reading your article? It is always good to know the crowd you are aiming for. You see, this blog aims to girls, so it would make sense to write something that girls are interested in, such as fashion, relationships, gardening and reading.

6. Set the Problem First

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First, in the blog, you will set the problem and tell them that you are going to solve it in your blog. Make sure you live up to that expectation.

5. Secrets Revealed

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Do you know what really sucks me in? I get sucked in when I hear that a secret or secrets will be revealed in an article of a blog. I then start to read it. You know, to see exactly what that secret is. It’s kind of like when I’m watching a movie and someone receives a gift, I have to watch it until I see what that gift is. It’s called curiosity.

4. Humor is Always Good

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From writing blogs, I have learned that people love humor. Sometimes, it’s humor that really sucks a crowd in. Of course, you have others that do not go for the humor side, so it’s good to write in a variety of ways.

3. Come up with Your Own Ideas

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When you write, try to come up with your own ideas. Don’t use someone else’s ideas. This way, you will be creating a blog that no one has ever viewed before. Doesn’t this sound like a great idea? Don’t worry about people making fun of your ideas – it’s the story of a writer, so I have heard.

2. Put a Lot of Thought into Them

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When I write my blogs, I like to put a lot of thought into them. Sometimes, when I write an article, if it’s not going the way I want it to go, I start all over again. People don’t want to read a boring old blog, they want to read something that flows freely and happily.

1. Use Numbers

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Whenever it is possible, you should use numbers – this makes it a lot easier to read. I like reading articles and blogs where the writers used bullets or numbers. I think it grabs more attention than the normal paragraphs do.

There you have 8 tips on writing fun attention grabbing blogs. A lot of the blogs on this site grab my attention. Actually, I think they all do. Just because they do not grab your attention does not mean they do not grab other people’s attention. People are different, just as writers are different. So, do you have any pointers?

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