8 Things to Look for in a Great Boss ...


I'm picky when I look for a new job, I admit it. Working from home makes no difference, I still need a boss with whom I can communicate. And I have been pretty much the luckiest girl in life in that regard, because I have incredible bosses who are fair, fun to talk to, informative, and always fair. If you want to be lucky in your professional life too, check out these 8 things to look for in a great boss!

1. Appreciation

A good boss always appreciates his or her employees. A good boss listens to suggestions and ideas, takes problems seriously, and appreciates the work that you do. You don't get that feeling of impatience or expectation, i.e., “I'm not going to praise you doing a fantastic job on this product, it's the least I expect,” or something like that.

Well Balanced
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