8 Things That Inspire Me to Write ...


I’ve always enjoyed writing, whether it was stories, poems, letters, or blogs. I like the way words let me express my feelings. It’s fun to describe a situation or scene to others and have them see almost exactly what you are seeing as they read the description. Here are 8 things that inspire me to write. If you enjoy writing too, then I bet some of the things on this list are also inspirations to you.

8. The Need to Express My Opinion

I’m not a very talkative person, but I do still like to express my opinion about something. However, instead of getting into heated debates like the ones my husband is so good at, I find it much easier to do my expressing in the written form. It’s much easier to backspace and rewrite something in a clearer manner than to try and erase something I’ve just said out loud.

To Entertain
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