8 Stupidest Darwin Award Winners ...


Ever thought that you’re so clumsy that one of your biggest achievements would be to die of old age and natural causes? I certainly have felt that way about myself until I heard about a neat little thing called the Darwin Award. This award is actually given post mortem and to people that are so stupid that they have actually done the world a favor for dying and removing themselves from the gene poll. Interested to know more? Well, here are some of the most stupid award winners of all time!

1. The Superwoman

She didn’t actually win the award but being the first runner up sure does qualify her for this list. And, wait until you hear what did she do! A sky literally opened that night over Greensboro, North Carolina, but Rosanne was not scared! Pouring rain and flooded streets didn’t stop her from jumping on her moped and driving down to the convenience store. Now, the trip home would certainly go just fine even though there are some speculations that she had a beer, if there wasn’t for her love for the two wheeled pet. She has lost control of her moped and fell into a creek! Now, even that wouldn’t have led to such a tragic end because a police officer did manage to rescue her. So what was the big freaking problem then? Well, ladies and gents – the woman jumped back in the creek and drowned while trying to save her MOPED!

Belgian Robbers
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