8 Most Adorable Animal Movies ...

I like movies with animals in them, whether they are animated or live action. The following movies are just some of the better ones I can recall seeing over the years. I remember thinking how cool it would be to have animals that talked to you in human-speak, but after seeing movies made with animals speaking their mind, itโ€™s probably for the best that I donโ€™t understand every word they say! Here are the 8 most adorable animal movies I can think off. Feel free to add more to the list!

8. Fly Away Home

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The โ€˜based on a true storyโ€™ animal movies are often the most touching. I remember hearing the story that this movie was based on before the movie was ever talked about. The film came out in 1996, which was around 3 years after Bill Lishman was able to get a flock of Canada geese to follow his ultralight aircraft from Ontario to northern Virginia. Of course alterations were made to the storyline to make it more entertaining, but the just of the event was right on.

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