8 Great Mascaras for Thin Lashes ...


If thereโ€™s one product most of us canโ€™t do without, itโ€™s mascara. But do you have thin or pale lashes? The Holy Grail of mascaras is one that will give them a thicker appearance without the dreaded spidery look. So try these mascaras to give you luscious lashes like Bambiโ€™s...

1. ELF Lengthening and Volumising Mascara

ELF Lengthening and Volumising Mascara

ยฃ3.50 at eyeslipsface.co.uk

My favourite bargain brand, ELF offers this volumising mascara which promises to be clump-free (I do hate those wretched clumps that always end up smudging underneath your eye when you try to remove them). There is also a waterproof version for extra durability.

Revlon Luxurious Lengths
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