7 Pretty Lip Glosses ...


7 Pretty Lip Glosses ...
7 Pretty Lip Glosses ...

My absolute favorite make-up item is lip gloss! I love how shiny and sparkly it makes my lips look. When you are in your teens it's a great time to experiment and be a little crazy with gloss. Here's my top picks for 7 pretty lip glosses!

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Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in Red Delicious

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in Red Delicious Price: $5.25 at amazon.com
This gloss tastes good enough to eat! The color is bright an cheery, but not in an over-done, obvious way. It's a sort of sheer, pretty red. It looks great with just a touch of blush and mascara for a date night!


Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Coral Glow

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Coral Glow Price: $7.98 at amazon.com
Protect your pout while looking gorgeous! This gloss has SPF 15 and light-reflecting spheres so you can dazzle evryone with your lips. It's the gloss of glosses! And so silky feeling on your lips! You certainly want to add this gloss to your collection!


Max Factor Maxalicious Lip Gloss in 150 First Kiss

Price: $3.99 at amazon.com
With just a light touch of color and a burst of shine, this gloss will freshen your look in no time flat! This gloss is your "go-to" gloss, the one you can just squeeze onto your lips as you rush out the door with no time to spare. I love the cute little tube this gloss comes in.


Calgon Mmmmm! Lip Gloss in Cotton Candy

Calgon Mmmmm! Lip Gloss in Cotton Candy Price: $9.00 at amazon.com
Calgon Take Me Away Lip gloss certainly does just that! This clear, ultra glassy gloss tastes so yummy you feel just like you are at the fair eating cotton candy! Comes with 3 in a package so you get more for your money. Now that's a bargain!


Covergirl Wetslicks Lip Gloss

Covergirl Wetslicks Lip Gloss Price: $10.17 at amazon.com
This is my hands-down favorite gloss ever! It's never sticky or gummy, and the sparkly formula really glams up your look! You will feel like a star with a super-luscious pout wearing this glitz! And the package comes with two in it, and you can choose from an array of colors.


Bedhead Shine Junkie Lip Gloss in Rose

Price: $10.40 at amazon.com
Do you have dry lips? This gloss has a super moisturizing formula! I love how hydrated it leaves my lips! It doesn't feel sticky at all, which I hate in lip gloss. The nude color goes great with dramatic eye makeup too!


Covergirl Lipslicks Lip Gloss

Covergirl Lipslicks Lip Gloss Price: $12.72 at amazon.com
Give your lips a touch of sheer color and shine or pump up the shine of your favorite lip stain! This little tube of lip make-up is quite the multi-tasker! I have an addiction to lip balms myself, and this gloss is sort of like a tinted lip balm! Help yourself, lip balm junkies!

All lip gloss addicts MUST read this post! These are the top best glosses I've found over the years and over the many, many glosses I've tried! Do you have a favorite gloss? Did you find a new gloss to try today from my favorites?

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Yeah but how are any of these on the sticky-scale? There's nothing worse than thick, sticky gloss on your lips.

I have to share the good news, that I finally found Lip Session at E Burnham. I think this is the best gloss I have ever used. It has been hard to find but Burnham has it through their website

Sephora Brand has really nice lip gloss. I am not a fan of lip gloss, but I love Sephora's

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