8 Cute Graphic Tees for Kids for Back-to-School ...

I can’t think of many things cuter than a little kid in a graphic tee and little jeans for back-to-school, can you? This year, my daughter’s been begging for a bunch of them to wear under her plaid shirts, and I’ve been happy to buy them. We’ve narrowed her list down from a couple of dozen of cute graphic tees, and now we’re trying to decide which of these we like best. Here’s our list of 8 cute graphic tees for kids for back-to-school (or for anytime!)…

1. Cookie Loves Milk

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Price: $10.00 at kids.threadless.com
Kids love milk and cookies, and now we’ve discovered that cookies love milk, too! This tee is so cute, and is my daughter’s favorite! It’s sweet and adorable, and would look so cute on a little girl or boy.

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