8 Celebrity Sex Secrets You Can Steal ...

Celebrities have never been good at keeping their private lives private, but just recently, they seem happier than ever to share the intimate details of their sex lives. I guess if you spend a lot of sex therapists and relationship counselling, you want to share the knowledge! Interested in some celebrity sex advice? Here’s my favourites...

1. Anywhere, Anytime

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Photo Credit: reyesking

Heidi and Seal keep their sex life spicy by mixing up when they get naughty. β€œWe just say, β€œHey baby, 2 o clock in the attic, 6 o clock in the closet.” She famously said. Well, it must be working! The couple have been together for over five years, and have four adorable children. Steal their style, and pounce on your man at an unusual time!

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