8 Beliefs of the Afterlife from around the World ...

In no way am I what they would call a “religious freak.” However, I do like to research religion and look at them from different perspectives. I’m probably going to be criticized for this one, but I do not believe that one single religion is the right religion nor do I believe in telling someone they are going to go to Hell simply because they do not believe in whatever I believe. Personally, I have been at the butt end of those remarks before. We all are entitled to have our own beliefs. I like to look at things with an open mind. Right now, I want to give you 8 beliefs of the afterlife from around the world …

8. Christianity

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Ah, yes, Christianity. In this category, we have Protestants, Catholics, Baptists and other Christians. What do they believe? They believe that the way we conduct our lives on earth (how we act), will determine where we will go in the afterlife. You have Hell, which is for the wicked and then you have Heaven, which is for the good. The Catholic church claims that there is purgatory, which is in between Heaven and Hell. Some believe that you have a certain amount of time you spend in purgatory, then your spirit will be cast into Heaven. The Protestants, which are also in the Christian category do not accept purgatory.

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