8 Beautiful Beds by Anthropologie ...


I’ve admitted several times on this blog how much I adore bedding sets… well, it’s time to come clean with my tiny obsession with beds to put them on, too! I’m always looking for pretty beds, though I don’t often buy them… window shopping is usually the extent of my slight madness with beds. I’ve recently discovered that my favorite home goods store, Anthropologie, carries a range of them, and decided to share my picks of the prettiest with you! Here are 8 beautiful beds by Anthropologie.

1. Coralie Bed

Coralie Bed

Price: $1,998.00 to $2,398.00 at anthropologie.com

Made of gorgeous mango wood, this bed is carved with curves reminiscent of sea shells, and painted a neutral slate grey. It’s stately but feminine, ideal in a room with dark wood floors and a brightly-printed bedspread. Wouldn’t think look pretty with yellow?

Jarvis Bed
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