8 Beautiful Area Rugs by Anthropologie ...

I love hardwood and ceramic tile floors, but here in Michigan, they sure can be cold, unless you also use area rugs. I’m always on the lookout for a new area rug, one that lends color and visual interest to a room. Of course, since Anthropologie is one of m favorite home goods stores, I just found oodles of them there that I love! Here are 8 beautiful area rugs from Anthropologie.

1. Anthropologie Future Myths Rug

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Price: $498.00 to $1,998.00 at anthropologie.com
This gorgeous rug, woven in the most brilliant red, yellow and green hues, has stories to tell, but like Scheherazade, it will only tell one a night, so listen closely: sitting on this lush carpet, made of wool and cotton, you’ll remember all of the wonderful things you and your loved ones did on this rug. The books you’ve read together, the mugs of cocoa you drank in front of the fire, and more.

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