8 Adorable Mushroom Accessories ...

When I was little, my mother collected little mushroom accessories for every room in our house, and I would spend hours playing with them, making mini forests for my pretend deer and squirrels and bears. Every time I see a cute tote bag, apron, or peppermill with a mushroom motif, I think fondly back to my mother’s collection and take a quick trip back through time. And I’ve been seeing these little portabellas and porcinis everywhere lately, and have considered starting my own collection. To get me started, here are 8 adorable mushroom accessories…

1. For Richer or Porcini Bag

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Price: $64.99 at modcloth.com
This roomy canvas and faux leather tote by Crowded Teeth has a lot to offer a girl, from its pretty leafy-lined interior to its mushroom-covered exterior. There’s even a matching wallet available, if you’re so inclined, featuring the same sweet smiling mushrooms.

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