7 Ways to Use Milk Cartons ...

Ahhh. The humble cardboard carton: the perfect vessel for holding milk or juice. But sadly, even with the rise of recycling, bajillions still end up in the nation's landfill each year where they wait for Mother Nature to do her thing. So why don't you put them to good use around the house and garden? Here are 7 clever, crafty and downright surprising uses for your plain ol' cardboard milk carton!

1. Gigantic Ice Cubes

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Photo Credit: Kyle May

Strange as it may sound, this is a very handy idea! Clean your cartons thoroughly, then fill with water and freeze. You can then remove cardboard and use them in the cooler for your next party, or let kids play wit them outside on a hot summer day. No more money to be spent on big bags of ice for you!

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