7 Ways to Make Your Home Warmer ...


This is seriously like the worst winter ever, and I apologize that y'all are probably going to have to see me saying that until spring. I'm just tired of getting 84,000 feet of snow dumped over the house seemingly every other day. Because the house gets cold! My feet are freezing as we speak, in spite of slippers and thick, thick socks. Fortunately there are ways to contend with that, no matter where you live; just try these 7 ways to make your home warmer.

1. Keep out the Cold

This goes without saying, but it's actually really important. Make sure that all your doors and windows are firmly shut, for starters. That includes doors to the attic as well as doors to the outside. A single crack can let in a lot of cold air, so make sure everything shut securely.

Cover up Your Floors
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