7 Tips for Coping with Younger Siblings ...


Younger ones can be a real pain in the behind sometimes. Especially if you have busy parents and you have to spend the most of your day trying to stop the little ones from tearing down the house. Well, I know exactly how you feel because I’ve literally raised my brother and sister. So, here’s some of my tips on how to cope with them and teach them that you are not an enemy but a friend they are supposed to listen to:

1. Make Your Own Set of Rules

When your mom and dad leave the young ones under your care, you have to play the “parent” role. I know, it can be pretty hard, especially when they are old enough to know that you “are not mommy and you can’t boss around”. However, we, the older kids, always take the fall, and if out younger bro or sis messes up something, it’s always our fault. So, yes, you have to teach them to listen to you and respect your decisions. But you have to be rational too. You can tell them to fix their beds and wash their hands before the meal but you can’t ask them to prepare food or do your chores. Kids can tell foul play!

Try to Understand Them
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