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Honesty, in my book, is the best policy. There are some things that are better off kept to yourself, but then, there are some things that you should avoid hiding. I am going to tell you 7 things you shouldn’t hide from your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. Now, before I start, some of you may not agree with me on these things, but again, this all depends on the individual and the situation …

7. That You’re Pregnant

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In my opinion, if you are a girl and you are pregnant, you should not hide it. You should not go and get an abortion without telling the father of the child. The father deserves to know that you are pregnant. I know that some things in life are hard to do and this is one of them, but this is not something you should hide. The two of you did the deed, now he needs to be there to help you out.

6. That You Have an STD

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Before you sleep with someone, you need to let them know that you have an STD. Did you know that in some states, when you have sex with someone without telling them you have HIV, it is a criminal offence? Here is a site for you: avert.org

5. Your Feelings

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You should not keep those feelings closed up inside of you. You should feel free to talk to the one you are with. Those feelings are certainly not someone to hide. You should trust the one you are with.

4. Debt

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I think this one would depend on the situation you are in. If you have some type of debt, before you get married, I don’t think you should hide it from your partner. Bring your debt out in the open and talk about it.

3. Computer History

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If you are married, hiding your computer history is only going to look as if you are trying to hide something. Both my husband and I keep our computer histories. Of course, neither of us looks, but I know its there if we want to. You should also let them know your passwords, when married.

2. Your Job

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When you are dating someone, don’t hide your job from them. If you work at a fast food place, you may try to hide your job. Don’t do it. At least you are working and that should be all that matters.

1. A Spouse

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Okay, number one – do not hide your spouse from the one you are dating. There are some people out there that date and are actually married – don’t do this. You will only end up hurting people, including yourself.

Those, in my opinion, are 7 things you shouldn’t hide. These things are things that I would not hide and I know that you may be different from me. So, just go and tell me things that you believe would be wrong to hide from the one you love. Also, tell some things you believe is okay to hide.

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