7 Secrets to Understanding the opposite Sex ...


Most of the 7 secrets to understanding the opposite sex that I’ve listed below aren’t really secrets anymore. Women tend to know and understand the hidden cues their men give them. These cues are sometimes sent unconsciously, but they are there nonetheless. If you are still trying to figure guys out and the list below isn’t helping, then try talking to a guy for some straight forward answers. I was able to have my husband explain the reasoning behind some of the ‘secrets’ mentioned below.

7. They Don’t Always Mean to Say the Wrong Thing

A few of my lady friends get their feelings hurt on a regular basis, just because their guys are tactless in how they deliver messages. For instance, a friend and her husband were getting ready to go out for dinner. She asked him how he liked her outfit and he told her he liked the red one better. My friend considered this to be a negative remark about her clothing she had on and refused to go to dinner. All I can say is she asked for his opinion and he said he liked the red one better. He never said, ‘That one looks like crap. Put the red one on.’

‘Huh?’ Doesn’t Always Mean He Didn’t Hear You
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