7 Reasons V.C. Andrews Books Are Bad ...

Like many girls of the past 30 years, I was a fan of V.C. Andrews in my early teens -- and my late teens, early twenties, and late twenties, because there’s something about these books that just makes me read them over and over. These days, I read them when I’m bored and don’t have anything else, because I enjoy being appalled at the things that thrilled me as a kid. I’m not saying these novels aren’t entertaining, I promise. I’m just saying that re-reading them as an adult has shown me at least seven reasons why they’re just horrible!

1. The Lack of V.C. Andrews

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With few arguments, the Dollanganger series is one of Andrews’ best ones. That’s easy to understand, because it’s practically the only series totally written by her. What was original and unique about this first series comes from Andrews’ own vision, and it works -- just this once.

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