7 Reasons to Love Norway ...

I would totally go back to Norway if I had the chance again. It was one of the best times in my life and I’m so glad that I got to share it with my oldest son. We made great friends and have tons of marvelous memories to last the rest of our lives. Here are my 7 reasons to love Norway. I’m sure part of the love I feel for this country derives from my Norwegian ancestry, but seeing it all first-hand truly enhanced this feeling.

7. The Longest Road Tunnel is Located in Norway

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Photo Credit: totnesmonster

It is actually called the Lærdal Tunnel and it is more than 15 miles long. This lengthy tunnel runs between Oslo and Bergen. It is also one of the few tunnels that don’t have a toll attached to it, which I was glad about! Every three miles or so, there is a wide opening that is sort of cave-like. This is an area that people can stop in and take a rest if needed. I liked seeing the blue lights located around the ceiling in these cave-like sections, but didn’t feel the need to get out and smell the car exhaust that had accumulated in it. It was a neat tunnel to drive through!

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