7 Items for Your Home Gym ...

Some of us can’t get to the gym as often as we like, or maybe we’re just too self-conscious to work-out in front of others. Whatever the reason, it’s okay — you can get a great full-body work-out at home if you have the right equipment for your home gym. Not sure what you’ll need to make a complete home gym? Don’t fret, or run out and hire a professional! Here’s my list of seven items for your home gym…

1. BOSU Ball

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Price: $99.99 at jcpenney.com
Compared to some pieces of home gym equipment, this BOSU ball may seem a little pricey… but it’s worth every penny. You can use either the curved or flat side for a seemingly endless variety of core and strength training exercises… my personal trainer always has me on one of these, and they really work!

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