7 Embarrassing Health Problems Sorted ...


7 Embarrassing Health Problems Sorted ...
7 Embarrassing Health Problems Sorted ...

All women get an embarrassing illness at some stage, and ‘The doctor has seen it all before’ just doesn’t make it any easier. It doesn’t matter what he’s seen before, it wasn’t on us, and we want to keep it that way. Here are 7 embarrassing health problems, to save you the red cheeks...

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Thrush Photo Credit: Lori-B.

75% of women will get thrush, and most of them will get it more then once. It’s a fungal infection which causes swelling of the vagina and vulva. The symptoms are pain, itchiness and discomfort during sex. There can also be extra discharge. There is plenty of medication available in the pharmacy, and while its recommended that you see your doctor, you don’t have too. Limit your chances of getting it by wearing loose fitting cotton underwear, and using unperfumed shower gels.



Cystitis Photo Credit: Maniathada

Cystitis can be caught by men and women, but is a lot more common in women. It happens when the bladder gets infected, and inflames. The symptoms are getting an urgent need to urinate, and stinging while urinating, and it’s usually quite easy to diagnose. If you really can’t see your doctor, take painkillers to deal with the pain, and drink a lot. Avoid alcohol and sex, which can make the problem worse, and it should go within four to nine days.



Chlamydia Photo Credit: Freedom Toast

This doesn’t display symptoms in 70 – 80% of cases in women, so if there is a risk of you having it, you really need to get checked out. The symptoms include lower abdominal pain, pain or bleeding during sex, heavy periods and abnormal discharge. Your GP can prescribe antibiotics, which can clear up the infection 95% of the time, and will leave you as good as new. Without any embarrassing medical!


Odd Breasts

Odd Breasts Photo Credit: crazy meezer

My sister had this, and used to pad one side of her bra with toilet roll. The good news is, it isn’t unusual to have some difference in size. If it’s bigger then you are comfortable with, though, you can get specially fitted bras, or buy padding for the smaller side. This should easily slot into any bra, meaning you can feel sexy and wear what you want. Just remember that no one else will notice!



PMS Photo Credit: pygment_shots

PMS can be terrible, and really, really embarrassing. And while there isn’t a cure, there are things you can do to help. The symptoms tend to include bloating, headaches, weight gain, abdominal pain, nausea, mood swings, crying and anxiety. Eating smaller meals can help easy bloating, and avoiding salty foods, alcohol and drinking more water. Go swimming or to the gym at least twice a week to fight lethargicness and depression, and to soothe stress. If it doesn’t get any better, bite the bullet and go to your GP.


Trapped Wind

Trapped Wind Photo Credit: anadelmann

Trapped wind can be really embarrassing, but its actually really normal. It’s caused by air travelling into the digestive system, and can occur if you eat too fast, drink too much with a meal or chew chewing gum. Stop smoking and chewing gum, which will prevent the air from being swallowed, and try some gentle exercise to stimulate your digestive system. Also make sure you are getting your five a day, as this can help keep your bowel healthy.



Acne Photo Credit: ansy

Spots are caused when pores get blocked. White heads occur when the blockage happens deep down, and black heads when the blockage is close to the top. There are a lot of acne products available, but for best results, avoid ones containing alcohol, and soap. Don’t pick at the spots, and use a clay based moisturizer. If nothing seems to help, try going to your doctor, who can refer you to a dermatologist.

If you do have to go to the doctor, remember that most of the time you won’t have to take your clothes off, and just describing the symptoms will be enough. You can ask to see a nurse if you prefer, although they may not be able to prescribe anything, and once you’ve been seen you’ll get the best treatment possible. Can you think of an embarrassing problem and an easy solution? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: unprose

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