7 Challenges to Spice up Your Life ...

Is your life lacking in excitement? Are you feeling resigned to a life of dullness? Well, I hope that you have not given up on yourself. Here are 7 challenges that you can take on to add some spice to your life. These challengeswill give you a whole new perspective on yourself and your life. Read on and be enlightened.

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Photo Credit: Mikee.Nu

This fashion challenge was started by Kendi Lea of Kendi Everyday. No, she didnโ€™t ask me to write about the challenge. I just thought that this is a really interesting approach to fashion. You pick out 30 items from your closet (tops, bottoms, and shoes) and use them to create 30 unique outfits. The aim of this challenge is to be able to โ€œshop your closet and not the storesโ€.

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