7 Cars I Wish I Could Afford and Why ...

A lot of the time, cars are stereotypically a guy's domain, but I know that's not true and I bet a lot of you do as well. I get excited over lots of cars, and there are a lot I just wish I could drive at least once. Not all of them are so-called luxury cars, but many are, and here's my top 7 list of the vehicles that make me drool!

1. Jaguar

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This is and will always be at the time of my list. Specifically I would love to have a 1950s Jaguar XK-140 – yep, just like the one driven by the luscious Ryan Phillipe in Cruel Intentions! I love that car. I love a lot of older Jaguars, so I probably wouldn't be picky about the year or the model if I was able to get my hands on one – yet I would probably thumb my nose up at a newer model, because they just aren't my cup of tea.

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