5 Surprising Celebrity Stories Buzzing Today ...

Last weekend, I had lunch with my girl friends and caught up on my reading. How about you? Any interesting thing happened to you? Did you get a call from the IRS? Did you put on your favorite wedge shoes and decided to play tennis? Did you get an interesting proposition from a relative? Perhaps you decided to go blonde after only weeks of being brunette. Or maybe you got a call from somebody close to you who was arrested. Sounds like the making of an eventful weekend and sounds like you share the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

1. Britney: Back to Blonde

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Photo by: DListed
Didn't we just see Britney dye her hair to brown a few weeks ago? The former coloring job was obviously DIY and it did not look very flattering. Thankfully, somebody told her to go back to her old blonde self. This time, she did it with the professionals' help. It took them 9 long hours. The results are great, don't you agree?

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