5 Hat Styles: Which Will You Rock?

1. Furry Friend

Whoa look at Kelis. I do not agree with PETA's tactics but this hat just gives out that "inconsiderate to other lifeforms" vibe. Sure it keeps you warm but a beanie can do that, too.

2. Floppy for Summer

Vanessa Hudgens has been rocking this hat for about a month now. From errands to Coachella, this hat has spent more time with her than Zac Efron. I can't blame her for keeping it close. It's pretty cute.

3. Hats in the Belfry

This black beauty is from Hats in the Belfry. I am seeing funeral chic. If that is too morbid for you, we can call it subdued summer.

4. Panama from New Orleans

Karen got this beautiful Panama hat from New Orleans and I think we should all get one for summer. If you are dropping by New Orleans and don't mind shipping a hat to me, drop me an email.

5. Bird Pageboy

Skip to item number 6 to know what I'm referring to. It's the perfect combo of whimsical and summer-y! The best part: it will cost you only $14.99.
Top Image by **slimmer_jimmer**